Expertise and Appraisal
To date, Patrimoine Conseil has produced detailed valuation reports on over 3,000 properties throughout Lebanon, in addition to managing the distribution of real estate inheritance.
Patrimoine Conseil also undertakes major in-depth studies addressing the physical, regulatory, technical, legislative, concept, commercial, and financial frameworks of real estate projects.

Feasibility Studies and Market Surveys
Patrimoine Conseil has undertaken feasibility studies for a wide range of real estate developments, including land allotments and residential constructions.
In addition, it has carried out numerous market surveys such as the identification of prime locations for retail and commercial operations, analyses of apartment prices in the Greater Beirut area, and promotional studies.

Brokerage and Commercialization
For 30 years, Patrimoine Conseil has been offering an exclusive service to the prestigious niche real estate market, including private palaces and other prime properties.
Nevertheless, its portfolio also covers a wide range of commercial and residential real estate including agricultural land, construction plots, apartments, and offices. It takes pride in the numerous clients it has retained over the years.
Patrimoine Conseil negotiates the sale and rental of properties across Lebanon. Its extensive directory of individuals, companies and organizations in the real estate sector has been carefully compiled over the years. Listing more than 2,500 built properties and over 1,350 plots of land, the database reflects the company's far-reaching influence and market dominance.

Real Estate Execution and Promotion
Groupe Patrimoine handles all aspects of land development from conception to management, development to promotion on a nationwide scale.
The company has conceived and implemented highly targeted marketing campaigns utilizing the full range of promotional tools for both building and land developments.