Groupe Patrimoine has produced some of the most detailed studies on real estate in Lebanon, making it one of the most highly reputable companies in the market.

Feasibility Study
Groupe Patrimoine prepared a comprehensive feasibility report on a 1 million m² development in the coastal Chouf region, including a historical overview of the real estate market in Lebanon and the region, a comparative analysis of the area, a socio-economic study of real estate in Southern Mount Lebanon, and a cost evaluation of land allotment.

Market Analysis
Groupe Patrimoine produced an extensive study of real estate in Beirut Central District, including a sequential real estate market summary of Lebanon, urban planning overview, regulation glossary, building survey, property evaluations, and market forecast.

Concept Study
Groupe Patrimoine delivered a detailed concept and design analysis of a 1 million m² sea reclamation project for a 'new city' to the north of Beirut, including, an urban planning analysis, legal and technical reports, and plots valuation appraisal.

Activity Analysis
Groupe Patrimoine prepared an in-depth examination of the activities of Lebanon's upper mountain region, including a historical study, a complete survey of existing ski resorts, and a feasibility study.

Public Studies
Groupe Patrimoine has undertaken major research for public administrations, including, a pricing index for beach resort taxation, property inventories pre-privatization, and expropriation reports.